Workforce Development in Consulting For Equity & Inclusion

Our organization offers three programs or towers of education and training: Etiquette Training Introduction to Consulting Internship Professional Technology Consultancy
Each program tower is uniquely designed to reinforce the previous learning experience and build new skills and training support. "Etiquette Training" and "Introduction to Consulting Internship" will be offered during the first year of operations. "Professional Technology Consulting" will be developed within 2-3 years of operations.

Etiquette Training

This cohort is offered through our foundation partner Mind Your Manners Limited. Our etiquette training courses helps participants improve social behavior skills and interactions in various settings, teaches participants basic table manners, enhances communication skills, and increases cultural awareness

Introduction to Consulting Internship

This cohort offers viable work experience and exposure to a career in consulting. Through our partnerships with The William Everett Group and tier one private sector corporations, participants will increase their understanding of how to prepare for a career in consulting and increase their employability. Participants will gain valuable insight during job shadowing and modules on public speaking, educational history, career development, technical skills, service learning, and panel discussions.

Professional Technology Consultancy

This cohort will introduce participants to a career in technology consulting and training. It is designed around the completion of various technology training and certifications. The program leverages the partnerships with tier one technology providers to offer relevant skills training. The ideal student participant possesses fundamental technology traits and skills and wants to pursue a viable technology career.